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Signature Dishes

  • Salmon Tikin-Xic

    Achiote citrus marinated salmon filet / watermellon-feta salad / cilantro rice...

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  • Tequila

    What better to pair with authentic Mexican than a spirit of its own. TEQUILA! Distilled...

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  • Guacamole

    Made fresh right before your eyes, we blend ingredients to your taste so it always...

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  • Dos XX Brisket

    This carefully crafted dish starts off on the grill, where we put a nice char...

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  • Ceviche

    Made popular in the coastal regions of Mexico, sushi grade fish and shrimp are marinated...

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  • Empanadas

    Tracing it's origins back to ancient immigrants, Empanadas have been a staple in Mexican cuisine...

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  • Queso Fundido

    This is not your average queso dip! We use imported Chihuahua cheese (not made from...

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  • Tamales

    Going as far back as 8000BC, tamales have been a broadly utilized as an easy...

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  • Poblano y Elote

    Cream of roasted poblano pepper and corn...

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  • Caldo Tlalpeño

    Shredded chicken / peas / carrots / rice / chipotle / adobo / totopos /...

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  • Tarasca

    Black bean soup / crema / onion / totopos / queso fresco (add poached egg...

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  • Burritos

    We start out with slow cooked meats and pile on rice, beans, veggies, and cheese...

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  • Chile Rellenos

    Originating from the city of Puebla, this stuffed poblano dish is only limited by the...

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  • Enchiladas

    A Mexican staple that dates back to Myan times, enchiladas are a simple food that...

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  • Tacos

    Let us take your mind away from late night crunchy imitations and to the streets...

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  • Xitomate Dessert Tasting

    Churros / Caramel Flan / Tres Leches...

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  • Caramel Flan

    Mexican custard / caramel / goats milk cajeta (caramel)...

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  • Margarita de la Casa

    Sauza / orange liquor / fresh lime / agave nectar Add:Strawberry / Mango / Piña...

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  • Enamorada

    Tequila / fresh squeezed lime / agave nectar / coconut and mango...

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  • Paloma

    Reposado tequila / grapefruit jarritos / fresh squeezed lime / salt rim...

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  • Mulata

    Tequila / fresh squeezed lime / agave nectar / tamarind /chili piquin rim...

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